Yamaha blaster 200 карбюратор

Yamaha blaster. yfs200 carb problem?

I have a Yamaha blaster. We thinkits a 97 but I replaced the reeds to boyseen power reeds and cleaned the carb. The bike won’t idle and when we pull start it, it pops, like back fire sounding. It won’t idle at all. Yesterday when I was riding it down the gravel in 3 rd gear or bogged down and died. The echuast was smoking. Can someone please help I can’t afford the shop hr rate and would like to fix it myself

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Posted by Anonymous on Jul 16, 2017

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Steve P

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Hey Anon, sounds like you may have done something wrong when reassembling your Blaster. When you «cleaned» the carb, you may have reassembled it incorrectly.. This sounds serious. this situation is difficult to diagnose on-line.. I wish you were near me.. . (North Alabama) .. I am a 40+ years Yamaha Factory tech. I could fix it.

Posted on Jul 16, 2017


its not getting enough air to the carb

Posted on Mar 04, 2009

Fabrice Wolters

Check the carbs if all jets are well placed, needles all at same height, float levels equal, collars between carbs and cil head all tight, rubbers not punctured or broken.

Posted on Aug 22, 2009

Gene Tuck

The air/fuel screws won’t have any effect on the top end. That would be governed by the main jet. Did you install the Boyseen Reeds? If this is a new addition it could be the problem. Another thing could be the fuel level in the carburetor bowl. When you tore down the carb it is possible the float got out of adjustment. You could drop the bowl and see if the fuel level is correct. If not, bend the tab on the float to adjust it.

Posted on Oct 03, 2009

Ned C Cook

Make sure you have no vacuum leaks and the idle screw is turn up. Then adjust the a/f ratio screw to highest idle, turn down the idle screw and repeat until a/f screw makes no change. At that point you set your idle speed.

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Posted on Nov 12, 2009


I have the same problems with my 1999 TTR 250, were you able to find out anything?

Posted on Aug 07, 2010

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My blaster runs good but once it gets hot it revs up and wont stop i cant stop it with the run switch or the key i block the air to turn it off i put a new plug in it it has the oil pump off i mix the gas.

Sounds like an air leak. either at the base gasket or the reed valve gasket. or the carb/reed intake boot. MAYBE THE HEAD GASKET.

. AND . get a qualified pro to look at your carb..tell him which parts you replaced.

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With the symptons I think you need to clean the carburator , it seems it doen’t get the fuel at all, thts why you hve to spray the carb cleaner to start it !
Remove the bowl of the carb and see if theres fuel coming in once you switch the petcock to ‘ON’ postion, if it is coming thn prolly the float is too tight (whn the bowl was fitted) thus not allowing the fuel into the float chamber, you will need to adjust the float.
Check the condition of the bowl inside if it has the rusty powderish residue, it will require cleaning and blowing off the jets both the poilet and main jets.
Good luck.


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